Outpatient Services

TRAC has a long standing history of providing
therapeutic services to youth and families

Adoption & Foster Care Focused Therapy

Life’s journey of adoption & foster care can impact social, emotional and regulatory development and influence the lives it touches in ways not often addressed by many mental health professionals. TRAC’s therapists specialize is adoption and foster care related issues and are both experienced at understanding and identifying these issues and broadly trained to address them. Areas of specialty include pre-adoption family counseling, parent-child attachment, family therapy, identity and independent living.

Traditional Therapy

Each of TRAC’s therapists is licensed and credentialed, enabling them to provide individual and family therapeutic services to all populations. Services include parent & child conflict, behavior problems in the home, school and community, relationship issues, gender identity and expression, and a variety of diagnoses including ADHD, RAD and youth on the autism spectrum.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV)

Expanding on TRAC’s longstanding history of providing therapeutic services to youth and families in the child welfare system, Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) is geared to strengthen the total family unit, in efforts to improve family relationships and overall functioning, of those families working toward being reunified with their children who are in the foster care system, as well as those involved in complex custody cases. The goals of TSV are to: assess and improve the mental health functioning of parents, particularly as it relates to their ability to effectively parent; ensure children’s safety, not only during visitation, but during the child’s reunification return home to the family unit, and provide to the court and county professionals, assessments with regards to the parents readiness or ability to effectively and safely re-parent their child.

The short-term outcomes of TSV are increase of the family’s ability to (a) acknowledge the issues that necessitated placement and (b) begin the process of healing the relationships damaged due to the trauma of family disruption. Through TSV birth parents will develop the skills needed to be reunified with their child and prevent further disruption of the family.

Treatment Options

Therapists utilize a variety of treatment options including child-centered play therapy, individual psychotherapy, attachment therapy, group therapy, child-focused family therapy