TRAC’s BAS program began as a recruitment effort to increase African American families willing to adopt African American children who were over represented in the child welfare system. In 1988, BAS was expanded to include licensed adoption and foster care programs to support African American families throughout the adoption and foster care process. Over the years, BAS has provided culturally sensitive support to families from pre-service training, through the homestudy process, placement and eventual finalization. Since that time, TRAC has continued to expand the BAS program by preparing child profiles, providing emergency foster care and respite services and targeted foster care services for teens.

Step 1 – Find out more information about adoption/foster care

• Check out our requirements page
• Call TRAC to talk to someone about foster care and adoption; or click here and we will send you information
• Attend TRAC’s Welcome to Adoption Meeting to begin the process or just learn more about the adoption process. Click here for upcoming meetings

Step 2 – The Family Profile Process (3-6 months)

• Attend Pre-service trainings
• Complete required paperwork
• Meeting with your profile writer
• Completion of Family Profile

Step 3 - Matching

• Matching will begin once you have been approved as a resource family
• TRAC will begin searching for children that fall into your placement request
• Once a child is matched with your family, pre-placement visits will begin
• For foster care families, TRAC may contact you at any time for emergency foster care /shelter placements.

Step 4 – Placement (6 months – 2 years)

• Home placement supervision visits every 14 days
• Court hearings
• Work with caseworker (and when indicated, birth parents) to assist child and family in their efforts towards reunification
– Foster care supervision ends upon family reunification
– Adoption supervision ends upon finalization by the courts

Step 5 – Finalization

• Once a child has finalized, TRAC will continue to offer Post-adoption support services. Learn more about services available to our families.