Adoption Resources

was established to increase public awareness about special needs adoption and bring waiting children together with permanent families. In July of 2006, TRAC was awarded the Older Child Initiative (OCI) Grant through the Statewide Adoption and Permenancy Network (SWAN). This grant focuses recruitment and placement efforts on Pennsylvania children ages 10-18. Using the services outlined below, TRAC was able to raise awareness and support for adoption across the entire state of Pennsylvania resulting in the successful placement of many of these children.

Ministry Outreach Initiative

The Ministry Outreach Initiative seeks to collaborate with churches and faith based organizations across Western Pennsylvania to broaden the awareness of the need for families to raise children currently in the foster care system. The mission of the Initiative is to work in tandem with the mission of the religious community – to serve those in need, to protect those who are vulnerable, and to use one’s life and faith to promote healing and wholeness to all those encountered. The Initiative seeks continually to build strong mutually engaging relationships with families and their congregations to bring forward well informed and supported individuals and couples to provide homes for waiting children.

Black Adoption Services (BAS): Recruitment & Retention

BAS distinguishes itself from other recruitment efforts by its focus on the particular cultural values and needs of the African American community. Because of the disproportionate number of African American children in foster care, this program advocates specifically for the adoption of these children.

The TRAC Exchange - TRAC’s Matching Department

Committed to the goal of providing children with as much exposure to waiting families, Adoption Resources operates the TRAC Exchange. The Exchange is a unique tool used to facilitate matches between TRAC’s waiting families and the children who need them.